The Creative Catalyst

This time last year I wasn't painting at all.

I didn't know what to paint. I was bored with it. I would start with something and within 2 minutes think "I don't like this", get frustrated that I "wasn't good", and then give up.

Two big things happened that shifted everything:

1) I started watching old reruns of "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross and I watched his technique. I saw how he layered, one step at a time, adding things to the overall image. An amazing painter like him didn't have the picture all together within 2 minutes either. It didn't even look like anything at the beginning, but piece by piece the whole thing came together.

Then I realized....he was playing a long game and I had been playing a short game. He was going step by step, trusting the process, letting the energy and the progress of what he created in the moment, direct his next move.

That's when I saw what I had been doing. I had been giving up on layer 1, not even giving my creation a chance to develop into something. I judged it in it's newborn form before it had time to mature at all. I also lacked the fuel for the creation. Which brings me to...

2) I always had a little sadness inside me and I didn't know why. Somehow I felt that what I was seeing out in the world was lacking somehow. Like there was something missing that I was deeply craving, and it was nowhere to be found.

That's when I realized that this thing that I'm craving actually IS my art. I'm craving it because it's MINE to create.

And now I have fuel for my creations. I create what I want to see, I create what brings me joy, I create beauty because it feels good, I create what I'm craving so I can quench that thirst inside me.

I believe we are ALL artists.

Whatever your medium, it matters not.

What matters is that you delve deep to find it and bring it to life, because if you won't, no one will.

And we need your magic <3

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