Take back your Power

The next evolution in human technology, I believe, is learning how to harness our focused consciousness to command and declare our power.

We are ALL miraculous creators and powerful sovereign beings in a free will Universe. Your focused awareness, your declaration, your active and intentional free will DOES affect your physical body, your energy body, and your experience of life.

The problem is, many of us are living from old habits and patterning, unaware that making a change can be as simple as claiming our power to do so, RIGHT NOW.

This is what I'm currently exploring and with your help I can dive even deeper into these topics to pull out resources and practices that would powerfully serve and empower YOU. Practices that you can do with and for yourself.

My explorations currently include: Deleting outdated beliefs Shifting out of "stuckness" Deleting old patterns that are no longer serving Cutting/clearing energy, energetic cords and outdated contracts Harnessing energetic boundaries Physical body, energy body and cellular reprogramming Commanding and declaring new ways of being

What shift are you ready to step into? - A new way of being you're ready to embody? An old belief that is ready to go? A shift in your physical or energetic body? A habit you're ready to release?

If you knew you could command and harness your own energy, consciousness, beliefs, thoughts, qualities of being, etc., what would you command? What else would you use this power for?

Feel free to private message me if you want to explore a deeper conversation around this or if you're more comfortable sharing in a private setting. I've also created a private facebook group where I'm sharing meditations, visualizations, declarations, resources and explorations like this. Join Body Conversationalists here if you feel called to explore with us.

Love and heartbeams <3 E

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