The Body and the Elements

I have been really loving exploring the Elements and how the elemental makeup in our unique astrology affects the way we relate to our body.

For me, with a Sun and Moon in Leo, I have a TON of inner fire. So much so that I manifested a Fire disorder in my physical body (fire was literally burning me up from the inside causing inflammation, ulcers, and other issues).

Diving into my astrological chart even deeper revealed ZERO air. If you know anything about these two elements you know that fire needs air. Without air, fire suffocates.

So, for my body and my elemental makeup, I NEED Air. I need deep breathing and I need movement that gets the air and the heat circulating through my body.

Viewing ourselves from an elemental perspective is a really fun way to look at our relationship with ourselves, our body, and with others.

My hope is that this share opens up something new for you and offers you a new lens from which to view yourself.

What is your elemental makeup and what elements help pull you more into balance? <3

#elements #energy #sensitivity #breath #body #grounding

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