Star Tetrahedron creation magic

Finally finished!

This painting is an accumulation of about 20 hours of work - thinking, sketching, studying, painting - and about 20 layers of paint.

This image was NOT in my head when I started. My process usually goes like this: I have an idea and then I take it one step at a time. I follow the energy, I go where it takes me, I surrender the outcome and then at the end I am continually blown away.

There are always moments where I'm not sure what to do next. So I stop and stare, I try different possibilities in my head for hours. And there usually comes a point where I have to take a leap of faith.

I say to myself, "Wow this could really mess up this entire thing...or it could be amazing."

I had a moment last weekend at my friend's event where this question was posed...

What does true radiant freedom of your soul look like? In detail. Imagine your life living from this heart-expanded, soul-soaring place. What are you doing every day? Get detailed, get specific, what do you want? What do you see? What do you feel?

I tuned into myself, I dove deeper than I ever have before, I wove details with my imagination and a vision rose in my heart and came to life.

I want to create radiant, soul-expanding beauty - with art, with words, with music, with my body, with my presence. Beauty that opens hearts, soothes, stokes the internal flames of inspiration, and makes people FEEL something powerful and beautiful within themselves.

This is why I create.

To give this gift to myself and to share it with you.

Thank you for receiving it.


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