Art is one of my biggest teachers.

Art is one of my biggest teachers.

It requires patience. Slowing down. Listening. Following the energy. Trust.

The more I create art the more I realize it's a metaphor for life.

It's easy to stop when you don't like what you see in front of you. But art has taught me to keep adding layers, keep refining, keep taking one step forward. Keep going and slowly but surely the brilliance is carved out and revealed.

Masterpieces are built in layers, brick by brick. Not instantaneously.

That's why I want to start sharing more of the process of my art creation rather than just the final outcome. To show that things take time, layers, patience. What you see pictured here is 4-5 hours of my time, some of that was spent painting and some was not.

It's easy to look at the final product of things and miss the time, the energy, and intention that went into the process. It's easy to take things for granted and to get frustrated with the creation process when our minds think it should happen fast.

The medicine for me here is to enjoy the process of things and not be so fixated with the outcome. Racing for the finish line deprives me of all the layers of deliciousness.

I love getting lost in the color, in the shading, in the shapes, and seeing it come together piece by piece. Seeing it change and morph as each new layer is added and it begins to take on a life of it's own.

Currently in progress....Star Tetrahedron, using watercolor and acrylic.

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