Earth Medicine

I started using Essential Oils a couple years ago because I deeply believe in the healing medicine of Mother Earth.

In our culture, far too quickly we're encouraged to resort to medicine and medications that we barely understand.

Humans have been using plants as medicine for as long as we've been on Earth. So, why not use them now?

When I hold a bottle of Frankincense in my hand I'm humbled by how easy it is to get ahold of. Thousands (even hundreds) of years ago we'd have to distill them ourselves or find someone who sold/traded them. Perhaps we'd hope that we could even get our hands on these medicines at all in a lifetime (not to mention afford them).

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Helichrysum were once valued higher than gold. The ancient Egyptians would sit in meditation for days, cleansing themselves, fasting, and praying in order to prepare for ONE ceremony and one opportunity to be anointed with these medicines.

Now, we can order whatever we want from a website and it shows up to our house in days, in a pretty little bottle that looks like candy.

Once I realized what I really had access to I began making my own medicinal blends: for skin health, immunity, oral care, digestion, and sleep. All from the lifeblood of plants and flowers.

How beautiful it is that at this time on Earth we have the power to do this? To make our own medicines and to be proactive in our health with the same ancient medicines used by our ancestors.

Deep bows of gratitude to our Mother Earth for all the medicine she so graciously provides us.

May we all be more open to the simple solutions right before us.

May we continue to come home to ourselves and to our roots.



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