A new way of moving

For most of my life I've used exercise as a tool to manipulate my body.

Self- shaming and manipulation never felt like juicy motivation for exercising, so I would get on and fall off the wagon of movement over and over like a vicious cycle.

Over the past 6 months or so I've discovered some new motivations for movement that I want to share, because I know they'll be just as powerful for others as they have been for me.

1. Exercise is a way to engage with the element of Air.

Oxygen is literally food and fuel for our body/cells. Most people are living life breathing extremely shallow and many are disconnected from their breath altogether.

I've found that the more oxygen I breathe in, the more energy I have. Period. So now, whether running, walking, stretching or sitting at my desk, I'm taking in as much air as I can. I'm using my breath and my intention to energize myself and my body.

Exercise means actively nourishing myself with Oxygen.

2. Movement as a form of energetic hygiene.

My mind is generally pretty stimulated. I'm constantly feeling energy around & within me, feeling emotions, creativity and ideas flooding in, thoughts about the past and the future.

Movement (and for me, heavy breathing) helps me to move all that energy through and out, so it's not all stuck inside me, driving me crazy and keeping me awake at night. It's a way for me to clear emotions, energetic heaviness, intensity, and stagnancy. Like a full body/mind/spirit cleanse.

Exercise means clearing myself of stagnant energy, so that I can be more clear, open, and receptive to life.

Sending out a sweet prayer... May we all slow down to take in the simplicity of what it is we truly need. May we take inspired action from a place of love, self-nourishment, and respect for the true miracle of our bodies and of life.

Lots of love, E

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