Rooted from above and below

Lately I've been getting visions of art I want to create way out in the future, way beyond my current skill level.

After having that rush of inspiration pouring through I just had to create something. And this came through.

I really had no plan, except I thought it would be cool to do a tree, almost like you could flip it either way and you'd see roots.

Rooted into the earth and also the sky. The spirit rooted in the body.

I feel like my art is an activation for those who look at it. However much you receive that activation is up to you and your level of receptivity to it.

Pause with it. Breathe it in and let the color and energy nourish and rejuvenated you. What do you feel?

The rainbow is this beautiful representation of balance, inclusion, beauty, the full spectrum, and a bridge from spirit to earth, from the soul to the body.

After painting just the tree I let it sit for two days, contemplating where this piece wanted to go and where it was leading me. I was honestly really nervous to begin again and considered cutting it out and reattaching it to another background just because I was afraid I would mess it up after devoting so much time to it already. Ultimately I decided it would make the most impact on the same surface, so I went for it despite my pounding heart and nervousness.

I feel like I'm always balancing two ways of being when I'm creating art. The first is having a clear plan and following that plan by directing the energy, the other is surrendering and following the energy of where it wants to take me. THIS is how the magic gets created through me, through the surrender of following the energy. And that's completely how this background was created.

I find that art is such an incredible metaphor for life. One step at a time, one layer at a time and then you will know what's next. Following the energy in life and in art means moving with the current of life rather than pushing against it or trying to redirect it. I'm grateful for the plce presence, the patience and the trust that art takes me to.

Feeling so excited for the art that