On mastering our own energy....

Many of us are becoming more and more sensitive - to food, to conversations, to environments, to the earth, and to the collective. As we continue to evolve, our sensitives evolve, and we become more finely attuned to the world of energy all around us.

For me, that focus and awareness has come largely from outside myself, feeling other people and feeling what's going on around me very intensely. Thankfully, my experience with illness has coaxed my awareness to a deep place inside myself.

My practice is to take all the sensitivity I have for the outside world and I turn it in on myself, cultivating a deep sensitivity for myself, my body, my intuition, MY energy.

What does it feel like in this body? What does my energy feel like without any outside influence? What messages are coming to me from the inside?

This is how I've begun to explore mastering my own energy.

This is how I've begun to cultivate a strong awareness of what is mine and what is not, of energetic boundaries and how to use them, of getting so familiar with myself that when outside energy is overwhelming I know how to get back. Because I can feel myself stronger than I can feel anything else.

Within us all lies an infinite secret garden of sensation and creativity and innate intelligence. A never-ending exploration of Self, and an embodied connection to Spirit. A connection with the divine through the physicality of life, and through our antenna, the human body.

Welcome Home <3

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