Single-pointed focus

As a deeply passionate, creative being I have ideas and images and inspirations floating through my mind constantly. In the past this has made it very hard to complete things, or to even pick one project and focus on it.

Lately I've been practicing single-pointed focus. I pour all my creative energy into one project, and once it's done I just *know* what to do next. Instead of leaking my energy jumping out into the future trying to figure out what I will do next, I concentrate all my focus right here. And when it's time, the next step is provided.

Perfect example: Last week I completed a 3-week project of designing labels for my 5 essential oil Sacred Elixirs. Literally the next day I received the guidance to create my own oracle deck. Complete with clear details and visuals of how to bring it to life. A perfectly poetic way to marry my Elixirs with the 7 Chakra system.

I've spent the last 10 days pouring myself into this project, researching, spending hours at my desk and in photoshop, learning about these plants, creating cosmically juicy designs, and perfecting to the very last minute detail.

And now, I am excited to say......I literally just placed the order!!!

I cannot wait to have these in my hands and share them with you!

Thanks for seeing me and sharing in my excitement <3

And...excited for the next step to reveal itself :)

A peak at the deck below..... and you can see more details and order for yourself in the shop.

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