Elemental watercolor

For the past 4 months I have been immersed in an AMAZING program with my mentor, called Earth Keepers Council. This is an incredible group of women gathered together in loving support of ours dreams and stepping into our soul calling and work.

We've been exploring the 4 elements throughout our journey and spending 4 weeks in each elements.

As a spiritually connected person, I knew of the elements and some of their medicine (mostly fire and water and earth), but going deeper into them and getting a felt sense of their medicine through ritual, guided meditations and exploration has been powerful!!

First, when we ventured into Air I had a big shift around my relationship with exercise, seeing it less about changing the form of my body, and more about engaging with (and feeding my body) Air. After making this shift, I had a realization that my low energy was due to me not getting enough air/oxygen circulating through my body, and have since started a morning (outdoor) breathing practice. HUGE shift!!! Also, as I look at my astrological makeup I now see that I have almost no Air in my chart. All the action is happening in water and fire with a bit of earth, and literally zero planets in all three air signs.

To go even deeper, I now see that the dis-ease my body has been in for the last 4 years has been entirely about unexpressed fire in my guts, causing massive inflammation and ulceration in my colon. I've literally been suffering from too little air and too much (unexpressed) fire! Now I understand that my body benefits HUGELY from balancing these two elements in my physical form.

Massive realizations!!

These elements and this group of women has been profound in my journey over the last 4 months, and so the inspiration for this piece was honoring the elements. Sun and Moon in the middle, fire, earth and water and air, and then adding in a touch of the cosmos with a couple constellations (Leo, Cancer, Aries and Pleiades).

Watercolor and acrylic

#watercolor #creativity

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