50 pounds and a lifetime ago....

This is me, 50 pounds and a lifetime ago.

For most of my life I've had a very difficult relationship with my body. I spent my teenage years scrutinizing myself in the mirror, counting calories, crash dieting, and constantly hating myself. Never ever did it occur to me that she was actually an ally.

Now, thankfully, after everything I’ve been through over the past 15 years (50 pounds lost and Ulcerative Colitis in remission), I've discovered another way. It’s more honoring, more gentle, more empowering, and actually makes me a more intelligent human in my navigations of all areas of life.

See, our bodies are powerful sensing machines with deep innate intelligence. But we haven’t been taught how to access it. Our culture honors brain intelligence, and pushing forward without concern for our body. Even so many ways of eating and moving I see labeled as “healthy” don’t invite you to pause and ask your body if that’s even the best way for you.

There are as many different “right” ways of eating and moving as there are bodies on this planet. Someone else’s “right way” may be helpful to you, but only if it serves as a guide to you finding *your* way.

This may be confusing to some. Especially because many of us are dealing with pain in the body, or excess weight, or dis-ease. It may seem like your body is against you, but all these experiences and sensations serve a purpose. Your body is communicating with you.

What is your relationship with your body like? Perhaps it's been difficult and you just finally want to feel at ease in her. Perhaps you're dealing with pain or physical ailments and just want to feel physically well. Perhaps everything's ok, but you'd like access to a deeper connection with yourself, and your unique genius/creativity.

I’m excited to share this information and am also creating some resources for you and others who could benefit greatly from this work. Your questions, feedback, and dialogue are helpful for me to know what is most needed out there and to know what will make the biggest difference in your life.

This work has made a HUGE impact on my life in the areas of: Healing physical dis-ease Reducing pain Shedding excess weight Coming into alignment with my life’s work Making powerful, aligned decisions Igniting creativity

I am looking for people who are interested in having dialogue around what I'm sharing here.

Comment or send me a private message if that's more comfortable for you.If you want to explore this or have questions, I'm here as a resource. You are not alone <3