Your innate soul genius.

Your body is truly miraculous. But most of us haven't learned how to access the full range of her abilities. She's communicating with us all the time through little cues and nuances, and over time we can develop a relationship with this language. Welcoming this communication to come through and honoring it has been a deep journey for me over the past 7 years (especially as someone who finds it much more natural to spend my time with my heads in the stars). My body has taught me that if I want to play in the magic, if I want to do my sacred work, if I want to live the juicy life I truly crave, then I must partner with her. She is the vessel for all of my desires. As I nourish her, I make space for it all to come through, and I gain access to a whole other set of intelligence not available to me through the mind alone. We all have innate soul genius, and our body is our ally in it's unraveling. Welcome Home <3

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