I am Magic.

This piece is one of my favorites! I think it captures the holographic nature of our beings.

We are no longer just physical 3d form, but we are literal holograms. Energy is vibrating from us, and all around us - from ourselves, our thoughts, our body, other people, objects, etc.).

To me, the intention with this is the capture that and to capture that we are true magic.

Magic to me is about experiencing wonder, it's about things outside of the logical brain, it's about amazing truths that seem crazy but are actually REAL!

I think we miss a lot of this in every day life. We miss the magic of life because we get so caught up in "humaning" and doing seemingly un-extraordinary tasks (like taking out the trash or paying the bills or going to the grocery store).

Magic is my medicine because it helps me connect with the infinite parts of my being, it helps me connect with the parts of life that are bigger than me, that are perhaps unexplainable. It helps me gain perspective on the incredible miracle of my body, of nature, and of life itself.

It's easy to get caught up in the mundane of life, because we all have those parts of living. That's why it's important for me to bring the magic back into my life, so I can be reminded what the TRUE big picture is.

THIS captures that remembrance for me.

If I take away my face and flesh and bones, THIS is what I look like.

This helps me see beyond form and deeper into truth.

What does your being look like???

#art #creativity #Divinity

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