I have a dream...

I have a dream.

A vision where one day people will come into communion with their bodies.

A vision where “dieting” will be a thing of the past. We’ll see it as silly even, remembering a day when we tried to control our bodies by telling them what to do and demanding from them. By taking pills or restricting, or punishing ourselves.

In this vision, we all know and understand that when our body is in pain, or is carrying excess weight, or dis-ease, we see this as an invitation to connect with ourselves. We connect with the deeper message and answer our body’s calling.

We begin to listen, and when that happens we can co-create life together and access deeper levels of calm, joy, peace, pleasure, freedom, and vibrant health.

This vision is not as crazy as it might sound, because all it takes is the light of awareness to begin to cultivate this type of relationship. It takes intention, it takes self-love and compassion, and it takes choice.

What would it be like to completely release the struggle?

I’ve been on this journey since my early teenage years. I’ve experienced the power of this through a 50 pound weight loss, ending an engagement, health coach training, and through my tremendously challenging journey with Ulcerative Colitis.

There is something truly powerful that happens when you begin to ask your body rather than demanding from her.

This is not about just exercise or healthy food - this is so much deeper. This is about being reborn into a deeper, more nourishing, more rich, loving relationship with yourself and your body. This is about honoring the ancient and divine wisdom within you.

This shift happens when you change your focus from looking on the outside, to feeling on the inside. To connecting. Your body is truly brilliant, it's time for us all to remember that.

And from the gift of my challenges, this is my medicine to share. <3

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