We are all divine fingerprints.

We are overloaded with information. We do not need more of it.

We have it backward, going out into the world, into the internet abyss, and to other people, looking for the answers.

It's quite ironic, when everything we need is within. All the answers we're looking for. When we get distracted with looking outward, we miss the infinite well of wisdom running through us.

When we look outward, the answers we find are always filtered through someone else's experience. How do we make those answers and that information OURS?

Because when we blindly follow someone else's path we miss the point...

"How does this fit with MY life and what I know to be true for ME?"

The beautiful thing about this way is that it truly and deeply honors how individual and unique we all are.

We are all divine fingerprints, completely one-of-a-kind (and at the same time, a part of the whole). This knowingness helps up deepen into self-love and in truly loving others, because we know there's no need for comparison. Instead we celebrate our unique differences and gifts.

Learning to tune in with YOURSELF, to tap into that wisdom well, is pretty much the raddest gift I can imagine. I can't think of anything more rich or exciting to share with others.

Being a guide for that exploration is a dream that's awakening in my heart.

#SelfLove #Divinity #InnerWisdom