Diets are old paradigm.

You are NOT one-size-fits-all.

The body, the human experience, our needs (physical/mental/emotional/energetic), are soooo dynamic. Always flowing, shifting, morphing in a constant sea of change and energy.

As humans, it seems we are always wanting to put things in a box, to label or make things black or white, right or wrong. But this limits us. We close off our minds to new possibilities, and when we do this we shut off awareness of anything counter to what we decide is “right”.

When I first learned I had UC, I started following a very specific diet. And at first it really helped me. For a good year it was helpful and put all my physical issues into remission. I thought “YES! I win! I’ve figured it out! All I need to do is eat like this and I’m good to go for good!”.



A year later symptoms came back and I was thrust into one of the most physically intense, scary and humbling experiences of my life. I was completely debilitated, hospitalized and watching my body totally fall apart, at 30 years old.

This is when I had to let go of my diet.

So, I ate gluten. I drank juice. I put honey in my porridge to try to consume as many calories as I could. And I really feel that these foods helped my healing and kept me alive - foods I had cut out for months.

Diets are simply old paradigm.

When we cut ourselves off from certain foods, we also cut off any awareness that our body might be asking for these foods. Dieting cut me off from my awareness that my body was asking for less fat, and more fruit and grain. But I didn’t hear this because I was so committed to my rules.

This is why diets don’t work. Because we are not one-size-fits all. We are complex, intricate, dynamic creatures. The only thing constant is change. So....

What if we could create a relationship to food that’s as dynamic as the human body itself? What if we could understand food and what it does in our individual bodies and approach it with curiosity rather than judgement?

I wonder how my body would enjoy this kind of food? What food is my body asking for today? Body, what would you like?

The truth is, dieting is easy. It’s easy to go to some website or read a book and do what someone else tells you to do. It’s easy to follow their rules and do what worked for them. You know what though?? I don’t want to know what worked for them. I want to know what works for ME. And the only way to do that is to take responsibility, to tune deeply in, and to stay open as I shift and change and continue to move through life. To co-create life with my body instead of dictating to her what I decide is right.

Your body KNOWS. Your inner wisdom KNOWS.

We all just need to be guided in and given the right tools to listen.