Confessions of a hungry girl.

I'm craving some epic Southern cooking.

This is new. I absolutely LOVE healthy food. And I absolutely love turning healthy ingredients into the most delicious food I can possibly create. And I'm good at it.

But ever since being in the hospital (and my month-long gnarly-ass flare of Ulcerative Colitis), I've been craving some epic Southern cooking. And other foods that I haven't had (or even desired) in years.

When I was sick all I could eat was bland mush.

Broth. Cream of whatever cereal. Toast. Apple sauce. Mashed potatoes. Oh, and juice.

This was literally pure torture for someone as obsessed with good food as me. So, I watched the cooking channel a lot. I watched DDD and Anthony Bourdain and soaked up all the images of the most incredible food from all over the country and world. Some stuff I would generally not blink an eye at, but I was all about it. I joked with the nurses about bringing in a giant greasy pizza and an animal-style burger and fries. Everyone was asking me why I was torturing myself, but it wasn't torture. It was hope and creativity and richness and abundance.

After all this, my body has changed. And my tastes have changed. I feel like I'm re-learning my body, which feels very odd because I'm generally very connected to her. But she wants something different now, and even the healthy foods I want are changing.

Now what?

Keep plugging away, with gentle healthy food, keep taking care of myself, listen to my body, put in more mush (and other upgrades)....

But one day soon, when the time is right....I'm having some damn fried chicken.

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