You can ask your body.


A couple of years ago, I met a magical unicorn named Cory Michelle. She shared something hugely powerful that completely shifted my relationship with my body and with how I do life. She spoke about “light” and “heavy” and how to navigate life while tuning into these sensations within my body.

She said, “When something is light, it’s because it’s truth. When it’s heavy, it’s a lie.” And with this tool she taught me how to access my body’s “yes” and “no”, and that’s when I really started asking.

I’d use this for everything - for making decisions about what to eat, how to move, what to buy, where to go, and for healing my body.

I remembered using this in the past intuitively, but once I had language for what I was doing I was suddenly using this all over my life.

It was hugely helpful for me in my journey with IBD, with challenging emotional times, with relationships, and with learning and creating my own energetic boundaries. All priceless moments of needing support, my body was there for me...a resource I never even knew I was missing in the creation of my life. How come we never learn about this in school?!

Our body is our link to our inner brilliance, and this resource is there to help if we’re willing to simply slow down and ask.

I don’t mean asking a doctor, or asking the internet, or asking your friends or family what they think you should do. I mean slowing down and tuning in. Our bodies are powerful and strong and incredibly wise. They do not make mistakes.

How do we access this wisdom? We slow down and get quiet.

It may take time, it may not be a quick fix, but it's more powerful and more healing and more nourishing than any pill or diet out there. Period.

We are co-creating life with our bodies through our thoughts, our words and our actions, whether we know it or not. So we may as well do it consciously and humbly, with deep honor and respect for the intricacies and brilliance of the human body and it’s ability to heal itself.

From there we can learn and we can truly heal from the inside out. <3

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