Last night's magic

Last night, 6 incredible women came together in my home.

It's such a gift to watch women show up for themselves, and choose to receive the love and support of the group. There's so much power in collective intention, in collective love, in collective breath. There's so much power in opening our hearts and honoring our spiritual journey, whatever challenges we may be facing.

We are not alone.

It's one thing to say that and to know it in the mind, but there's a different kind of *knowing* called FEELING, and this is where we play.

This is a safe space to receive. This is a safe space to let go. This is a safe space to feel. This is a safe space to be fully seen and heard.

With these words I can feel the collective stress in the room dissolve. I can feel us all relax and sink into ourselves more deeply. I can feel our hearts and our throats opening and our bodies softening.

We breathe out with a big sigh and let something go. Then, we create magic together.

This magic is soul connection, deep trust, honoring our inner wisdom and honoring our essence - not the personality, not the name or the face - but who we really are deep within. The one who occupies this body. This exquisite, mysterious, beautifully infinite soul. When women leave with that connection, my heart overflows.

Here's a tiny taste of some of the magic that was created at last night's circle.

Thank you to the amazing women who were present and who shared themselves so beautifully and vulnerably. What a gift you are to me and to each other and to this World. Shine on <3

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