Celebrating our differences.

It's really interesting to witness myself integrating the growth of the past few months.

Sometimes I forget that I'm this other person: wayyyy more comfortable being myself than I ever have been before. I've spent so much of my life being afraid to speak up and editing myself constantly. A stifling hyperawareness of things happening within and around me.

I spent time and energy judging others for being different (inside I was judging myself for EXACTLY that).

Somewhere along the path - I finally GOT IT (as in *felt* it) - that we are all a unique fingerprint of the Divine. And what that means is that being different is an absolute.

Once I started celebrating how others were different from me, I started celebrating my own differences. And that created massive space for love to rush in. To myself. Beautiful.

Sometimes I forget that I'm not that scared little girl anymore. She still lives inside me and when she comes out I will beam her with love and compassion.

A sweet prayer out to the Universe: With every moment of tonight's rest, may all children and inner children be bathed in peace, love and healing. May my sharing be healing medicine for all <3

#SelfLove #Healing #innerchild

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