Your body is brilliant.

Your Body is completely Brilliant.

What would happen if you trusted every body sensation, every pain, every pleasure, every dis-ease as a divine message?

Let’s stop fighting against ourselves and start working WITH ourselves. Our bodies are not here to sabotage us and to make our lives inconvenient, to trick us or to torment us. Let’s tune in and receive the messages that are enthusiastically knocking at our internal door. There is a message there for you that's waiting to be received.

Our bodies WANT to work together, but we don’t know this way quite yet. It is new to us and it takes awareness to cultivate this relationship.

From this place, a place of loving all aspects of ourselves, we can heal anything. Not from a place of anger or fighting or making wrong. From a place of openness. From a place of curiosity and receptivity. From a place of love and honoring of the deep well of wisdom within us.

So if there’s a space in you that hurts or that’s in need of healing, try this. Send in your awareness, send in your presence and most of all SEND IN LOVE <3

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