At 29, I'm re-learning how to breathe.

At 29-years-old, I'm re-learning how to breathe.

I recently discovered that I haven't been breathing air into my stomach at all, I've only been breathing air into my chest.

Noticing this with curiosity, I found that my stomach would contract as I took a breath IN and expand while I exhaled. I had always wondered why my in-breaths felt so shallow. Why was everyone else taking in so much more air than me? This is why!!

I started playing around with this, filling my stomach FIRST with every breath in, and then contracting my abdominal muscles to push the breath out. WOW, game changer.

Doing this over and over, I feel so serene. The sound of my breath, in and out, washes over me like waves of calm. This is a level of contentment and peace that I've never accessed before. I can feel my body re-learning this new way, all day long - my brain reminding my body to send air into my belly.

I feel old behaviors and patterns shifting in me. I feel more energy and love flooding into my organs and my digestion. I feel a deeper energetic connection to my second chakra and my womb. I feel restlessness lifting. And when it comes back, I go right back to my breath.

I'm here. I'm back home. I'm so grateful.

Thank you Frank Carucci and Josh McMurtrie for your contribution to this breakthrough <3

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