Today I saw my insides.

Today I got to see the inside of my Colon.

This morning I had a procedure called a Sigmoidoscopy, to check on the progress of the Ulcerative Colitis that I've been healing in my colon.

I actually got to watch the video screen and see the procedure, see the healing and the progress of the inside of my body, and I am so happy to share that there has been huge forward movement! In the areas where there used to be ulcers, bleeding and inflammation, there is now fresh, pink, healing, beautiful tissue.

With this news, a few tears dropped from my eyes and a huge wave of relief washed over me. As I checked out of the office and finally made my way to my car, my tears of relief turned into sobs of joy.

I sat there stroking my belly and my left side, as joy, gratitude and love for my body poured out of me. My body is so perfect and so smart, and after months and months of taking care of her in new and beautiful ways, she is healing. To see the progress with my own eyes was the validation I've been waiting for after months of dedication and trust.

I've been committed, this whole time, to taking the natural healing path. Trusting my body that she knows exactly what to do and it's my job to listen and honor her. I've been focused on not only healing the physical (with nutrient dense foods and supplements) but also getting tons of rest, honoring my own boundaries, and doing the emotional and energetic healing work.

As I drove home from the procedure I felt this overwhelming feeling of appreciation for going through all this, despite the scary, sometimes painful moments, colitis has given me such a huge gift. The ability to tune into my own needs in every moment, a new and beautiful relationship with my body where we work together and communicate, and a strength and resolve to honor my own truth in every way, in every moment of my Life.

I am so blown away by my body, in her complete, brilliant, divine perfection.

More to come, as I know this journey is a beautiful gift that I'm meant to share.

May I, through my healing, be a beacon of self-love, self-care, trust and empowerment.

May my healing be a gift to others, so that they might see their own path more clearly and connect with their bodies and their truth.

May my healing and my journey be a contribution to all. May it be a contribution to You.

I Love You.

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