Results are in: it's Ulcerative Colitis.

Results are in: it's Ulcerative Colitis.

After an intense few months, several trips to the doctor, one amazing Iridologist and a Colonoscopy, I finally know what's happening in my body.

Have you heard that saying "When you pull one thread you find it's connected to the whole universe"? THAT's exactly what this has all been for me. An extreme personal growth experience that I am SO grateful for. I'm learning so much about myself, and my body. And I've really been tested to put into practice all the things I believe about trust. Finding the gift and the grace in a situation even if it feels like something is "wrong" or "bad". Trusting that whatever is, is actually for my highest evolution. The ultimate surrender.

When I tell people what I'm going through I commonly hear "I'm sorry". I know it's coming from a loving place, but I have to say, I'm NOT sorry. This has been one of the most beautiful gifts of my life. It's shown me where I can step deeper into my own personal power (hello, 3rd chakra), how I can connect with my own needs and the needs of my body in every moment.

UC has taught me how to be present with my body, communicate with her. I actually thank her for this gift and for taking care of me. I'm learning to trust her and to trust myself. And I've discovered that, actually, my body is not wrong, she's brilliant!

The doctors of course have offered me prescriptions, and I've passed. I've been working with an amazing Iridologist who's had me on a super clean, high-nutrient density diet, high-quality supplements, probiotics, blood builders, all the good stuff. She looks at EVERY part of my body that is in distress and we work to support all areas (Thyroid, Liver, Digestive Tract, Blood building, mineral absorption, eliminating parasites, back pain, sleep, etc.).

And after about 6 weeks, my symptoms (which were previously debilitating), have improved by almost 80%. I know there's still some deeper internal healing to be done, and I'm here, loving and supporting my body every step of the way.

I'm so excited for the person I am becoming through the experience of all this. So please, no "I'm sorry", I want "congratulations"! And I can't wait to report, sometime in the near future, how AMAZING it feels to be stronger, happier and healthier than ever before!

Thanks for all your loving support <3

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