Enjoy this magical hair growth oil made by hand, small batch, with clean and simple ingredients from the Earth. This oil is made with herbs + plants to help your scalp with dandruff, stimulate circulation to increase hair growth, balancing the scalp's oils, antifunal and antimicrobial properties for scalp health, and naturally increasing hair thickness.


Want to see the video of me making the oil??? Or how to DIY? Click here.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply directly to the scalp (especially any dry or affected areas) and let sit for 10 minutes. Then wash out and shampoo + condition as normal. Works best with a pH balancing, high quality shampoo. Also great for use on dried ends to add moisture or sparingly as a hair serum to tame flyaways.



All herbal infused oils were crafted by hang, by me, in my home in Encinitas, CA.


All Organic ingredients:

Jojoba Oil infused with dried Lavender

Jojoba Oil infused with dried Lemon Balm

Jojoba Oil infused with dried Arnica flowers

Jojoba Oil infused with dried Calendula flowers

Olive Oil Infused with dried Comfrey

Neem Oil

Vitamin E Oil


Essential Oils used in this blend are:







Essential oils used were all created by Young Living.


Oil comes in a 2oz Amber Bottle


Storage practices for longevity of your oil:

Avoid environments with flucuating temperatures

Avoid sunlight

Keep in a cool dark place

Keep sealed when not in use

Avoid water or moisturing getting inside the bottle

Magic Hail Growth Oil - 2oz

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