Meditation Games is a 5 Week class and ongoing Community to support you to have fun with Meditation and create a practice you love.


Once you enroll, you're grandfathered into the community forever and can join for all future session of the 5 week class. You can also use the resources and group for continued support, questions and community around Meditation.


In this class you will...

- Bring more fun + flexibility into your meditation practice

- Create more peace and calm in your mind

- Feel more empowered as a sensitive empath

- Develop sharper mental focus

- Explore new depths of your intuition

- Promote your own Mind/Body/Spirit healing



-Shame about over-thinking or being "bad" at meditation

- Constricting ideas of how you "should" be doing it

- Old thought patterns that are no longer serving

You will receive...

-2 Intro Videos on the Power and Magic of the Mind

-Private Facebook page access for questions, connection, community and support

-4 Meditation Games with Guided recordings and video lessons

-Forever access to future Meditation Game classes held in the group

-Forever access to the private FB page, Community, and video/audio resources




"I’ve struggled for years to get into meditation, because I always had an idea of what I thought it should look like. In Meditation Games, Erinn helps you break down your assumptions and expectations of what meditation is, and to find the true core of your personal meditation practice - what actually works for you. Quieting my mind down and connecting inward has been one of the hardest experiences I didn't know I needed. I also never, ever expected meditation to create a breakthrough in the area that it did for me - and I definitely didn't expect something so massive to shift in record time. Today, I continue to work on training my brain to slow down its fear and worry responses and to get back into the present, and to assure my body that's it's here, it's mine, and it's OK. That’s a tool that I’m eternally grateful to have, thanks to Erinn; I'm indebted to her for being a great leader and even better friend." - JULIA B., 2019


"Meditation started feeling like having a cup of coffee with a good friend (aka myself;)) outside in my backyard after going through the "Mediation Games." One of the guided meditations with Erinn conjured up an image of myself in a specific surrounding. Three weeks later I found myself there in present life. A beautiful, creative, and supportive experience!” - LEILA S., 2019


“I've always had trouble getting into a quiet space in my mind, so the concept of moving my breathing into my abdomen created a shift out of my mind and into my body. Now every time I concentrate on abdominal breathing I immediately go into a calm and relaxed state. ” - RACHEL R., 2019

Meditation Games Community - Lifetime Membership

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    I'm a San Diego native, a fiery Leo, color maiden, magic revivalist, body conversationalist, and rainbow gangster.


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