Digestive Health Coaching

Holistic + Natural Health with Erinn

Digestive Health is so important and is linked to our overall immune system and our mental health and mood.

There are many different things that can contribute to having digestive issues.

- Nutrition
- Parasites
- Energetic Hygiene
- Body Communication
- Home Herbalism
- Human Design

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Hi, My name
is Erinn

Holistic Health Coach, Home Herbalist, Artist

10 years ago I was 50 lbs overweight and totally miserable in my body. I made a decision one New Years Eve that totally transformed my life and took me on a journey of transformation and profound physical and emotional healing.

I quit my corporate job, became a Health Coach and started devoting my life to learning and teaching about Holistic Health + natural healing.

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- 3x month (45 min) calls with Erinn
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"Erinn is a master at creating sacred space. I’ve worked with Erinn for several years now, and no matter what type of workshop or event I attend, the common result is that I leave feeling more in touch with my higher self. She has helped me access my own wisdom. I am empowered and full of gratitude for the time I’ve spent with her.” - Kathleen K.

Erinn facilitates extremely profound and powerful energy healing experiences, especially in group settings. I am so grateful for the container she created, it has allowed such amazing awarenesses to come through for me!” Jacki B.

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