Lesson 8



1. Continue your Daily Tune-In

Sit in silent stillness with yourself for 10-15 minutes.

What do you feel? What do you notice within yourself?

Feel the energy within you winding down and turning inward. 

2. Play with Feeling Energy this week.

You can do this with simple words, images, or even spaces or conversations. Observe the energy from a neutral place, not attaching emotion or stories, or "good" or "bad",

just observe it as simple energy frequency.

3. Use the Self-Muscle Testing technique

to connect with your own inner energy and body this week.

Trust the answers you get from the wisdom of your own system

and share your finding with the group.

4. Revisit your Body Communication Meditation

and explore how this new awareness of energy shifts your

understanding of how your body is communicating with you.