for Healing at Home

Herbal Infused Oils


Are you ready to start making beautiful handmade
Herbal Healing Oils at home?


- Feeling like you don't know enough to work with herbs
- Feeling overwhelmed by scattered information online
- Feeling frustrated with Western medicine and being constantly     prescribed pills as a solution


- Make your own natural medicines at Home
- Learn to bring simple herbs in your Kitchen
- Learn about natural ways to improve anxiety + sleep
- Make your own natural skincare
- Remove toxins from your home
- Prioritize natural healing + wellbeing




Hi, I'm Erinn!


I'm a trained Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutritiondevoted to helping you take back your power and learn simple + natural ways to create a strong foundation of health.

You have the power to create healing inside yourself, right at home. Your connection to your body and the Earth is an amazing place to start.

I have been using herbs and natural remedies since I was a little girl and have found that making Herbal Oils is one of the most powerful way to take care of your skin and your nervous system (two important keys to health).

Playing with plants and herbs is your birthright, and I'm here to make it as simple as possible.

I'm so excited to share this with you!




Herbal Infused Oils

for Healing at Home

In this Digital class I will teach you...

- How to make herbal infused oil with dry Herbs
- The 4 different ways to Infuse herbs into Oil
- How to make the most potent medicinal Oils possible
- How to make yummy Culinary Oils to use in the kitchen
- How to make your own Herbal Salve

You will also learn...

- How to get creative with making oils
- Different ways to apply Herbal oil
- Top Herbs to use for Skin Health
- Top Herbs for Culinary Oils
- How to keep your oils from going bad

You will also receive...

- Lifetime access to the recording of the class 
- Handouts with written method + class transcript
- Supply list
- FAQ's



Are Herbal Oils the same as Essential Oils?
No, they are quite different. Watch this 2 min video.

Do I need any previous experience in Herbalism?
No previous experience is required or needed.

Do I need any fancy equipment?
Nope, all simple stuff you likely already have at home.

What else can herbal oils help with?
Sore muscles, sprains, burns, cuts, scars, immune support, hair + scalp health, eczema + psoriasis, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, cold + flu prevention, insomnia, aging skin, wrinkles, stress + anxiety, digestive support, mood enhancing, and on and on....

How can I get more one-on-one support with this?
I offer single 60-minute sessions where I take you through the process live on zoom or phone. If you want to look into scheduling that with me, click here.

Still have questions???
Email me at or Click here.