Herbalism for Beginners

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions with Erinn

Here's the thing....
You are a natural Herbalist.


Our modern culture has divorced us from our relationship with the natural world, and so it can take some support to remember that it's actually really natural for us.

That's why I created these Herbalism for Beginners coaching sessions.

This offering is for you if...
- You want to feel more connected to the Earth and your Body
- You want to learn to make your own natural remedies at home
- You feel overwhelmed with where to start and want to make sure 
you're being safe using herbs.
- You feel disconnected from the current model of "Health Care" and
want to take care of your family naturally
- You feel called to work with herbs but do NOT want to be a professional
in the field of herbalism

You will receive...
- One on one Zoom call(s) with Erinn
- Personalized herb recommendations based on your needs
- Herbal recipes to make your own medicine at home
- Lifestyle + food recommendations to help support your health goals
- Emailed links to purchase herbs and any needed supplies
- Email support 

Schedule a call with me
to get your questions answered

Juniper Plant

About Me

After losing 50lbs in 2009 my entire life transformed and I became a whole new version of myself I didn't even know was possible. I was confident, I was happy and I felt free to enjoy being in my body.

I was so stunned at how powerful this transformation was that I decided to attend Health Coaching school to help other women through their healing journey. Eventually I quit my corporate job of 10 yeas and started working with more health-conscious companies, schools and healers.

In the past 7 years I’ve facilitated more than 70 workshops and over 500 people, leading meditations, workshops, events, and Women’s Circles. 

My desire is to help others learn about healthy foods, herbs, and natural self-care practices so we can take our health back into our own hands instead of outsourcing to doctors.

Learning to love and trust our bodies and teaching our children these natural ways of caring for ourselves will change the Earth and future generations for the better.

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1 Session


3 Sessions


Erinn has helped me discover a deep passion for using herbs in my everyday life… something that originally seemed intimidating and overwhelming. Because of her guidance I now work with over 15 different herbs and have created beautiful + nourishing teas, skincare products, and more. My dream of having my own home apothecary is now realized! I highly recommend not only binging all of Erinn's amazing content but working with her directly. You will be taken care of deeply and walk away with confidence in integrating herbs into your life. I can’t recommend or thank

this beautiful soul enough!. - Stephanie D.