without Judgment

3-Part Mini Class

Discover your Body’s unique Food needs

6 Week Class starts Spring 2019


Video 1: Body Communication

Integration + Journaling

Make a list of 3 foods you think your body likes.

Make a list of 3 foods you think your body doesn’t like.

Make a list of 3 foods you’re not sure about.


Get grounded in your body, close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths,

and ask your body about each food one by one.


“Body, show me yes. Body, show me no."

"Body, is this food a yes or a no?"


Take note of the responses you receive. Which foods feel like a “yes”, which feel like a “no” and which seem to have little or no strong response?


Continue to play with feeling the light and heavy energies in your world. Remember, you can use this tool with anything, not just food.

If there are any questions on the horizon of your life, try them out with this tool and see what responses your body gives.

Share your findings in the Facebook group.

Video 2: Food and Judgement

Integration + Journaling

Play with these journaling questions, be compassionate

and curious about what comes through.

1. I judge myself the most when I eat __________.

(There may be many, list them all)

2. What are the foods I have emotions or nostalgia attached to?

(List the emotion and/or the memory that comes up)

3. What are the foods I feel addicted to?

Even if it feels negative, it's supporting you in some way.

How is it supporting you? How is it providing comfort to you?

Are there any other ways you could fill that void?

Share your findings in the Facebook group.

Video 3: Nutrients Made Easy

What's made the biggest impact for you during this Mini-Class?

Would the 6 Week Class be supportive for you over the next phase

of your healing/health journey?

I encourage you to take a moment to ask your body.


“Body, would taking this course be supportive for my health and healing?” and feel for the answer. If you feel a lightness or a “yes” sensation in your body, please consider joining us.


The link to join the waiting list is below and I’m also available

for any questions you may have.

Email me at

Class starts Spring 2019.


without Judgement

6 Week Experiment to discover your Body's unique Food needs

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Integration + Journaling