without Judgment

6-Week Experiment to Discover your Body’s unique Food needs


Let’s ditch the diet mentality and go on a

6 Week Exploration

to learn what your unique body is asking for.



In this class you will learn to...

Release judgement and guilt around food.

Feel more empowered in your food choices.

Understand nutrients (and how to use them) in a simple way.

Cultivate a deep, tangible connection with your inner wisdom.

Develop deeper Self-Compassion + Love.


Developing a connection with your inner guidance
is one of the most powerful skills you will ever learn,

and spills into every area of your life.

As a trained health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I spent a year studying over 100 dietary theories from all the over the world.


I thought I would get complete clarity on what the best diet was for me, but in truth, I was more confused than ever.


So here’s the thing...there are as many different “right” ways of eating as there are bodies on the planet. That’s why diets are OVER.  Because they’re one-size-fits-all and you are NOT.


Come play on this journey with me and learn the answers that no one can teach you but your own body.

Hi, I'm Erinn!


I'm a trained Mind/Body/Spirit Health Coach, devoted to reconnecting you with the voice inside you that knows what you need more than any doctor, teacher, healer or psychic.


My mission is about helping people take back the power in their own health and to bring progressive conversations about health into the spotlight. Because, in my experience, Western Medicine doesn't have the whole picture.

How we can even BEGIN to talk about health without bringing mental, emotional and energetics into the conversation?

YOU have the power to create healing inside yourself, greater than anyone else on the planet.

Food (and your relationship with it) is one of the biggest ways to do that NOW.

Read more about my personal weight loss and healing journey hereRead what my students have to say here.

Class Schedule

Week 1: What they didn’t teach you about your Body


Learn a new and empowering perspective on your body and explore your beliefs and judgements so you can come into a more loving relationship with yourself.


Week 2: Grounding + Breath

Learn to ground yourself and calm the mind, so you can hear your body’s communication and intuition.


Week 3: Nutrients - How to use Sugar, Proteins and Fats

Learn about these nutrients and how to use them as tools to give you energy in your life. Develop confidence around making the best food choices for you.


Week 4: Experimental week

Experiment with these tools and document your learnings. This creates a whole body learning experience and catalyzes REAL change.


Week 5: Food + Body Communication

Explore the different ways we choose foods and awaken a deeper level of communication with your unique body.


Week 6: Reflection and Completion

What else do you get?

  • 5 Weekly Videos sent to your email

  • Private Facebook page with unlimited support

  • Group learning, connection and accountability

  • Handouts to track your experiment findings

  • Access to my Student Meditation Library

  • Live Q&A calls in the private group

Can I join from anywhere in the World?

You can join from anywhere in the world,

all resources are delivered online (3x a Month) via email,

private Facebook page and the Private Forum. All group Circles & Calls are run via Zoom Video and are recorded in case you miss them live. 


Is there a long-term commitment?

There is no long term commitment. If you ever want to cancel, you'll just contact me by email. Once you cancel, your membership will complete at the end of that current billing cycle.

When can I watch the monthly content?

You can use the content whenever you want! 

You'll receive new content once a week for 2 weeks out of each month

and the third week you'll have the opportunity to connect with us live!

All content will stay posted in your Private Membership Forum for you to watch, or dive back in, anytime you like.


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