About Erinn

Hi! I'm Erinn, and I founded the Lightworker Leadership Method because I know how it feels to get started on your journey as a Lightworker. I remember the pain and frustration I felt inside me from knowing how much I wanted to serve others, but I wasn’t yet.


I took classes, certifications and more, but I quickly learned a hard lesson: just taking trainings and hiding out in my house wasn’t gonna do it… I needed to get out in the world and give my gifts in a tangible way or no one would know who I was and that I could help. I then committed to not only learning the skills to serve, but to also getting out and practicing them in the world.


In the past 6 years I’ve facilitated more than 70 workshops, with over 500 people, leading meditations, events, all-day retreats and Women’s Circles combined. During that time I’ve learned what it takes to create transformational space + lead people with confidence.

I’ve put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to weave together my multi-passions, show up with confidence, and step into my gifts + purpose. That is how "Lightworker Leadership Method" was born!

To learn more about what it looks like and how we can work together, click here to read about my method and to schedule a free Discovery Call.


I look forward to connecting with you!



Erinn McMurtrie

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