with Erinn

Thank you for your interest in this work!

These Private Sessions are a combination of all the tools and techniques I've acquired and developed over the last 7 years of my studies in Transformational Coaching, energy healing, body communication, and intuitive development.

These sessions are for those looking to receive open, loving support and a safe space to process, clear and release old energy, emotion and patterns.


Our sessions will help you align with the peaceful, supportive energies of the Universe, through deep connection with your body, intuition and Higher Self.

Other tools I use include:

Hands-on touch


Voice activation

Visualization & Meditation

Crystal Singing bowls, chimes, drums, voice

Essential Oils

My intention is to empower my clients to be an active participant in our sessions and in their own process of healing and transformation long term.

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Before my session with Erinn I hadn't had my period in over 10 years. After one session with her, learning how to both speak and listen to my body, I started bleeding again! I feel very happy and excited to learn and embrace my new phase in life, and to further dive into my abilities to sense, feel and think. There is more trust in general with my spirit and my body, and I'm developing an awareness that will allow me to create changes easier and to be more in synch with life. My body thanked me for listening, and for being willing to listen and respond to her. I almost feel silly for thinking there would be any other response. What was I expecting, hate?  Anger?  No.  There's just love.  - Kristen B.

I had such a profound experience working with Erinn, she guided me with her gentle and powerful voice deep within my body. I was able to get out of my head quickly and break free from all the external chaos that's been keeping me overwhelmed. I found my center again and was able to get clarity on my next steps in life! Erinn showed me how to love and appreciate my body, how to speak to my body, how to break down any stress or tension with simple breathing techniques. I felt grounded, centered and connected with myself after our session! - Tatiana T.

Erinn has a beautiful and powerful healing soul. She has a special ability to lead groups into a deep level of healing and awakening. I recommend checking out her workshops and programs if you are ready to shift your life in big and beautiful ways! - DANIELLE B.

I feel everyone on our planet could benefit from Erinn's knowledge of the body, from her own deep experiences. All the processes she took us through facilitated opening of our own hearts, connection with self and our alignment with Spirit. I had a personal healing as did others during our time together. Now I have this gift of awareness from her workshop to feel and listen to what my body wants. Thank you Erinn for your gift, your deep desire to help heal this world is an inspiration. You inspired me to see that we are free of limitations and to trust in the Divine Self. - Debra M.

I took part in Erinn's Conversations with your Body workshop, and it was an amazing experience! I particularly loved the way she guided the workshop through instruction, mindfulness techniques and movement. One of my favorite parts/takeaways from the workshop was when we asked our heart, mind and gut about how we feel towards different food items. It is a nice tool to continue to use to create a healthier relationship with my body and food.  I highly recommend checking out Erinn's work! - Gigi S.

Erinn is an amazing intuitive being, truly tapped into her gifts effortlessly. She helped me get back into my body, feel more connected to my higher self,  and reclaim my energy, while releasing what did not belong to me. I feel more lightness and joy and it is easier to shift my energy now after learning valuable tools from her. - Talyn K.

My session with Erinn created a huge transformation for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was able to shed a false identity I had been carrying as a burden my whole life. She is a powerful, highly intuitive guide and healer. Anyone who gets to work with her or be loved by her is deeply blessed. - chelsea M.