Create a playful practice you love

We all have a unique genius._._But it ge

Class starts Tuesday, May 7th

5-Week Experiential Online Class

to have fun with Meditation

and create a playful practice you love.








Let's play some Meditation Games!

In this class you will...

- Explore meditation with fun and playfulness

- Create a more compassionate relationship with yourself

- Cultivate a calm and peaceful mind

- Feel more empowered as a sensitive empath

- Develop sharper mental focus

- Explore new depths of your intuition

- Promote your own Mind/Body/Spirit healing


-Shame about over-thinking or being "bad" at meditation

- Constricting ideas of how you "should" be doing it

- Old thought patterns that are no longer serving you


You will receive...

-2 Intro Videos on the Power and Magic of the Mind

-Private Facebook page for connection, community and support

-5 Weekly Live Lessons within the private group

-4 Meditation Games with Guided recordings

Week 1: Healing + Focus

Week 2: Intuition + Creativity

Week 3: Energy Magic + Mastery

Week 4: Manifestation + Visioning

Week 5: Integration + Creating your unique practice


Hi, I'm Erinn!


I'm a trained Mind/Body/Spirit Health Coach from IIN,

devoted to helping you strengthen the bond between you and the wisdom you have within.

Meditation (and having fun with it) has been one of the most powerful catalysts to my own personal empowerment and healing as an empath.

You have the power to create healing inside yourself, greater than anyone else on the planet.

In this class we'll explore different meditation "games" to help you have fun and create a personal practice you love.

This is a not a one-size-fits-all approach where everyone is encouraged to do the exact same thing. Take what you like and leave the rest behind. You are a total unique magical being!

If you've struggled with meditation in the past or want to bring more playfulness to your current practice, come explore with us!

XOXO, Erinn

Frequently asked Q'S
Can I join from anywhere in the World?

Yes, all the action takes place inside the Facebook page.

What is the time commitment?

*By joining this class you commit to a minimum 10 minute daily Meditation practice

at least 5 days a week for the duration of the 5 weeks.

*Weekly video Q&A calls will be between 10-40 minutes long

depending on attendance and questions.

What if I can't attend the Live Lessons??

All lessons will be recorded and accessible in the Facebook page.

If you have questions, you can submit them beforehand and they'll be answered on the live calls and accessible in the recordings.

Feel free to Contact Me with any other questions.


"Erinn creates an unmatched energy of space, warmth and unconditional love. My work with Erinn created a huge transformation for me physically, mentally and emotionally. She is a powerful, highly intuitive guide and healer. Anyone who gets to work with her or be loved by her is deeply blessed.

She is an awakened soul.” - CHELSEA M.

Erinn facilitates extremely profound and powerful energy healing experiences, especially in group settings. She is so skilled and gifted at getting people to see into their own field of energy, talk to their body, and draw out any programming that needs to be cleared. I am so grateful for the container she created for each of these experiences, it has allowed such amazing awarenesses to come through for me!” JACKI B.

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