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Create a space

5 Week Program with Erinn

Your Environment Shapes you

so, if you're feeling...

Creatively stuck, bored + laking focus in your work, frustrated with being at home all the time or full of ideas but lacking the energy to execute them, then ask yourself...

is my space setup to make me feel the way I want to feel?

if the answer is "no"...

Your joy will suffer.

Your work will suffer.

Your creativity will suffer.

And your mental health will suffer.

If you're not feeling inspired in your space...

Join me for my 5 week program, Create a Space you Love,

where I support you to design an epic home-based workspace

that you're excited to be in and work in.



You'll receive...

  • 5 weekly 50 min private calls with me

  • Dream Space Visualization for creating your most epic space

  • Worksheets + videos for inspiration + organization

  • Simple weekly homework for accountability

  • A completed home-based sanctuary space in 5 weeks

in 5 weeks we will...

Week 1: Dream up your ideal Space

Week 2: Choose and clear the right spot in your home

Week 3: Setup the space together + get you organized

Week 4: Design the space + make it uniquely yours

Week 5: Refine, perfect, and bless the space

- All calls take place on Zoom -




If you're space ins't harmonizing with who you are as a unique being

then you may feel like you're fighting a battle inside.


Let me support you to create a space in your home that you're excited

to sit down to every day and create from.

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hi, i'm Erinn!

I'm a trained Health + Transformation Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, devoted to helping you feel at home in your body + space.

Your body is the container for your soul and your home is the container for your body.

When you feel at home in your space there's a harmony that gets created in your mind, body and spirit.

I've always been a homebody and have been designing and creating magical spaces for myself since I was a little girl.

Now I want to help you do this so you can feel inspired, creative and juicy in your home, and live the most joyful life you can. 

If your home and space is not in harmony with who you are then you may feel like you're battling yourself and struggling to focus, feel calm, get sleep, and a general lackluster or apathy for life.

Who wants to live like that?

Let's play! And create a magical space for you to remember who you truly are and why you're here on Earth.

With great love and deep reverence,

- Erinn

Hello, I am rainbow 🌈🙏🏼 Photo capture


Working with Erinn has completely transformed the way I feel about my body, the way I look at my body and I’ve even learned how to trust myself and to have a better sense of who I really am. I feel happier, I feel stronger, I feel more confident and I even feel sexier in my own skin as a result of working with her. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and to have had the opportunity to work with her.” - DANI K.

"Erinn creates an unmatched energy of space, warmth and unconditional love. My session with Erinn created a huge transformation for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was able to shed a false intensity I had been carrying as a burden my whole life. She is a powerful, highly intuitive guide and healer. Anyone who gets to work with her or be loved by her is deeply blessed.” - CHELSEA M.

"Whenever I arrive at an event of Erinn’s I am filled with awe. She is a master at creating sacred space, physically but also as a powerful energetic container for people, and it’s different and equally beautiful each time. When I leave an event of Erinn’s I feel rejuvenated and grounded. I’ve worked with Erinn for several years now, and no matter what type of workshop or event that I attend, the common result is that I leave feeling more in touch with my higher self. She has helped me access my own wisdom. I am empowered and full of gratitude for the time I’ve spent with her.    - KATHLEEN K.

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