Befriend your

8 week online class

Class starts Monday, August 6th

Welcome Video:

What they didn't teach you about your Body

Lesson 1:

Self-Grounding and Self-Centering for Empaths

Lesson 2:

Intuitive Movement and reframing "Exercise"

Lesson 3:

A new context for eating

+ Body Communication

Lesson 4:

Your Body and your Astrology

Lesson 5:

Advanced Body Communication

+ Reading Energy

Lesson 6:

Pain and Self-Healing

Lesson 7:

Energetic Boundaries + Hygiene

Discover your body's needs

 (not from another one-size-fits-all diet plan), 

but by learning the unique language of

your Body.

This is for you if...

You experience health/body challenges.

You crave a deeper connection to your intuition.

You often feel overwhelmed by your Sensitivity.

you often find yourself in a supportive role.

You tend to over-give of yourself and your energy.


Class Schedule

11 Video Lessons

3 recorded meditations

Private Facebook page for questions + connection

6 Weekly Facebook Lives

2 Live experiential Video Calls via zoom

Final in-person closing Ceremony

You also get...

In this 8 week course you will... 

- Explore an entirely new way of relating to your body and intuition.

- Learn to understand what foods your body is asking for. 

- Learn to understand what movement your body is asking for.

- Discover how your Body is a bridge to your intuition, higher self + purpose.

- Explore how your unique body expresses itself through your Astrological chart.

- Explore Self-Healing and pain-reduction practices.

- Learn tools for calming anxiety, holding space, and setting loving boundaries.

- Develop a meditation a self-care practice you love.

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