Health Coaching for Mamas

Self Care + Natural Health with Erinn

Mamas come in all shapes and sizes:

Whether you're a mama with kiddos, a pet mama, a teacher, caregiver or nurturer -
I see you!

In these sessions I use the following tools to help guide you and become empowered in taking care of yourself by understanding:

- Whole food nutrition
- Holistic Health
- Energetic Hygiene
- Body Communication
- Home Herbalism
- Human Design



Hi, My name
is Erinn

Holistic Health Coach, Home Herbalist, Artist

10 years ago I was 50 lbs overweight and totally miserable in my body. I made a decision one New Years Eve that totally transformed my life and took me on a journey of transformation and profound physical and emotional healing.

I quit my corporate job, became a Health Coach and started devoting my life to learning and teaching about Holistic Health + natural healing.

Learn more about my personal journey and training here.

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- 3x month (45 min) calls with Erinn
BONUS: Herbal Infused Oils for Healing at Home class

$1388 for 3 Months

"Erinn is a master at creating sacred space. I’ve worked with Erinn for several years now, and no matter what type of workshop or event I attend, the common result is that I leave feeling more in touch with my higher self. She has helped me access my own wisdom. I am empowered and full of gratitude for the time I’ve spent with her.” - Kathleen K.

Erinn facilitates extremely profound and powerful energy healing experiences, especially in group settings. I am so grateful for the container she created, it has allowed such amazing awarenesses to come through for me!” Jacki B.

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