Seedlings in Pots

Client Praise

Erinn has helped me discover a deep passion for using herbs in my everyday life… something that originally seemed intimidating and overwhelming. Because of her guidance I now work with over 15 different herbs and have created beautiful + nourishing teas, skincare products, and more. My dream of having my own home apothecary is now realized! I highly recommend not only binging all of Erinn's amazing content but working with her directly. You will be taken care of deeply and walk away with confidence in integrating herbs into your life. I can’t recommend or thank this beautiful soul enough!. - Stephanie D.

I like to tell people about Erinn because she has helped make such a positive shift in my world. She's helped me realize the true magic of nature and appreciate the things that we can't always see in front of us. Erinn is a great resource for anyone looking to connect with nature and heal themselves and others. - Wesley W.

Working with Erinn has completely transformed the way I feel about my body, the way I look at my body and I’ve even learned how to trust myself and to have a better sense of who I really am. I feel happier, I feel stronger, I feel more confident and I even feel sexier in my own skin as a result of working with her. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and to have had the opportunity to work with her.” - Dani K.


"Erinn has a beautiful and powerful healing soul. She has a special ability to lead groups into a deep level of healing and awakening. I recommend checking out her workshops and programs if you are ready to shift your life in big and beautiful ways.” - Danielle B.

"Erinn creates an unmatched energy of space, warmth and unconditional love. Through both friendship with one on one work together I’ve felt so held and safe in her presence. My session with Erinn created a huge transformation for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was able to shed a false identity I had been carrying as a burden my whole life. She is a powerful, highly intuitive guide and healer. Anyone who gets to work with her or be loved by her is deeply blessed. She is an awakened soul.” - Chelsea M.

Erinn McMurtrie facilitates extremely profound and powerful energy healing experiences, especially in group settings. I have attended a few of her live events, and she is so skilled and gifted at getting people to see into their own field of energy, talk to their body, and draw out any programming that needs to be cleared. I am so grateful for the container she created for each of these experiences, it has allowed such amazing awarenesses to come through for me!” - Jaki B.

"I had such a profound experience working with Erinn, she guided me with her gentle and powerful voice deep within my body. I was able to get out of my head quickly and break free from all the external chaos that's been keeping me overwhelmed. I found my center again and was able to get clarity on my next steps in life! Erinn showed me how to love and appreciate my body, how to speak to my body, how to break down any stress or tension with simple breathing techniques. I felt grounded, centered and connected with myself after our session!" - Tatiana T.


"Erinn is an amazing intuitive being, truly tapped into her gifts effortlessly. She helped me get back into my body, feel more connected to my higher self, and reclaim my energy, while releasing what did not belong to me. I feel more lightness and joy and it is easier to shift my energy now after learning valuable tools from her. “ - Talyn K.

"I feel everyone on our planet could benefit from Erinn's knowledge of the body, from her own deep experiences. All the processes she took us through facilitated opening of our own hearts, connection with self and our alignment with Spirit. I had a personal healing during our short time together." - Debra M.

"Before my session with Erinn I hadn't had my period in over 10 years. After one session with her, learning how to both speak and listen to my body, I started bleeding again! I feel very happy and excited to learn and embrace my new phase in life, and to further dive into my abilities to sense and feel and think. There is more trust in general with my spirit and my body, and I'm developing an awareness that will allow me to create changes easier and to be more in synch with life. My body thanked me for listening, and for being willing to listen and respond to her. I almost feel silly for thinking there would be any other response. What was I expecting, hate?  Anger?  No.  There's just love." - Kristen B.

Whenever I arrive at an event of Erinn’s I am filled with awe. She is a master at creating sacred space, physically but also as a powerful energetic container for people, and it’s different and equally beautiful each time. When I leave an event of Erinn’s I feel rejuvenated and grounded. I’ve worked with Erinn for several years now, and no matter what type of workshop or event that I attend, the common result is that I leave feeling more in touch with my higher self. She has helped me access my own wisdom. I am empowered and full of gratitude for the time I’ve spent with her.    - Kathleen K.