7 Day, Whole Food Cleanse

Love Your Body

with Erinn

Start  the New Year, Vibrant

During this cleanse you will

Love Your Body with...

- Simple Whole foods your body can recognize:

Fruits, Veggies, Grains, Greens, Proteins and Healthy fats.

- Eliminating Sugar + Processed Foods

These foods confuse our bodies and cause inflammation.

Most people don't realize that it's actually Sugar

that makes us gain weight, not fat.


- Listening to your Body

You already know most of the foods you're eating that

aren't supporting you. In this cleanse you'll be asked to listen to yourself and eliminate those foods unique to you.

- Drinking more Water, Drink less Alcohol

Simple yet Powerful.

If you do these 5 simple things you will feel a difference in your Body + Mind .

Let's get excited to start 2020 feeling our BEST!

Let's do it together!

You'll also receive

- Cleanse Guidelines (view now)

- Customizable Foods List (view now)

- Tips for staying on track

- Food Blessing Video

- 2 Body Cleanse Meditations

- Private Facebook Page for Positivity,

Support and Accountability

- 2 Facebook LIVE videos with Erinn

- Stretching Video

- Healthy Recipes


How to Talk to your Body, 6 Video class ($155 value)

Hi, I'm Erinn!


I'm a trained Mind/Body/Spirit Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, devoted to helping you strengthen the bond between you and the wisdom you have within.

You have the power to create healing inside yourself, greater than anyone else on the planet.

This class was born from my experience with my own

50 pound weight loss and my healing journey with Ulcerative Colitis. Read more about that here.

This is a not a one-size-fits-all approach where everyone is encouraged to do the exact same thing. This is customizable to you because you are a totally unique being!

Come deepen into your own body with 2 weeks of nourishing foods and loving self-care.

I'm so excited to cleanse with you!

XO, Erinn

Frequently asked Q'S
What is your approach to this cleanse?

This cleanse is about sticking to a "whole food" approach,

meaning that we're focused on eating foods that come from the earth that our bodies recognize as food. Some of our modern day food is unrecognizable to the body and can cause a lot of issues. I focus on eating Fruits and Vegetables, organic protein, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and healthy oils while keeping processed sugar and proceed food out. I also think it's tremendously important to encourage everyone to listen to their own body.

In this class you will be encouraged to identify which foods you know are not supporting you and take those out for the 14 days of the cleanse.

If you want to look further into my methodology and approach for this cleanse you can read these two worksheets:


Cleanse Guidelines

Customizable Foods List

Feel free to Contact Erinn with any other questions.

Let's Cleanse!