CLASS STARTS January 6th, 2020

3 Month Online Class

feel empowered

in your Body and intuition

The Body Bridge Experience

The Body Bridge Experience
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  • You want to cultivate a spiritual relationship with your Body

  • You're ready to feel good in your Body

  • You feel confused or overwhelmed by healthy eating

  • You often feel overwhelmed by your sensitivity.

  • You struggle with anxiety, stress, and staying grounded.

  • You craving a deeper connection to your intuition + Spirit.

  • You desire to make a positive impact on others and the planet.

  • You're ready to cultivate your unique spiritual gifts + creativity

  • You're ready for a deeper connection with Spirit, God, Universe, Higher Self, Creative Source, whatever you like to call it.



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​Class starts January 6, 2020

  • 4 Private Support Calls with Erinn

  • 3 Weekly High-Quality Video lessons

  • 2 Monthly Facebook Live Q&As

  • Private Facebook group support


How to Talk to your Body - 6 Videos

Compassionate Weight Loss - 10 Videos

How to be Your own Healer - 6 Videos

Class Schedule

Month 1: Befriend your Body

  • Develop an authentic loving relationship with your body

  • Learn a completely new context for eating and exercise

  • Discover the ways in which your unique system speaks to you

  • Learn tools to discern which foods work best for your body

  • Develop your own uniquely nourishing Self-Care practice

Month 2:  Train your Mind

  • Learn and explore the power and magic of your mind

  • Explore tools for releasing overwhelm and anxiety

  • Developing the muscles of focus and mental peace

  • Exploring the power of Intention and Imagination

Month 3: Master your Energetics

  • Learn tools to feel empowered in your sensitivity

  • Developing personal and energetic boundaries

  • Explore energetic hygiene practices 

  • Learn how to clear energy for yourself and others

  • Explore Self-Healing practices to become your own best leader/healer

"My session with Erinn created a huge transformation for me.

I was able to shed a false identity I had been carrying as a burden my whole life. 

She is a powerful, highly intuitive guide and healer.

Anyone who gets to work with her or be loved by her is deeply blessed." Chelsea M.

Starting at $75


A powerful deep-dive Experience to shift your relationship with your Body and Sensitivity forever.

Experiential learning is KEY to real, lasting integration.

Simple tools for releasing self-judgment

and discovering the unique magic that lives inside you

(AKA - God, Spirit, Universe, etc.)

Strengthen your energetic boundaries

so you're not drained by supporting others.

(Especially important for those who want to

lead, teach, or hold space for others in some way.)

Increased mental focus, clarity, calm.

Extremely important for mind/body/spirit Health and connection to Creativity, Higher Self, + Intuition.

Learn how to better care for yourself so you can

show up and lead others.

Accountability and connection with

other magical beings like you in a small, intimate setting, perfect for introverts.